Walking Dead #109 Review: How Long Can Sophia and Maggie Survive?

crop WalkingDead109[1]By Jorge Solis

While the tyrannical Negan enforces his reign of terror, Maggie is dealing with her losses in "The Walking Dead" #109 (Image Comics). With so much death around her, Maggie has to find a way to continue living at the Hilltop. As Rick and his group prepare for another battle, do they actually stand a chance against Negan and his Saviors this time? (spoilers ahead!)

Now on her own, Maggie never thought she would have so much responsibility to deal with. Under her adoptive care, Maggie has to watch out for Sophia as if she were her own daughter. Sophia is having a difficult time getting along with the new faces at the Hilltop Colony. Maggie knows she can't replace Carol, but she has to try being Sophia's mother. If Maggie can keep Sophia alive, does that mean she has a better chance at raising her own child? With a baby on the way, Maggie will have to raise two children in the zombie apocalypse.

With the storyline deep in characterizations and heavy on plot, Robert Kirkman focuses most of his writing on characters grieving. In mourning, Maggie has to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. While holding onto Sophia, Maggie is also thinking about getting revenge against Negan. No matter how hard she tries, Maggie will never forget what Negan did to Glenn. Whatever Rick is planning, Maggie has to be there when the group attacks Negan with full force. Just a chance to get close to Negan, Maggie knows Rick owes her that much.

WalkingDead1091[1]Even when things are going his way, Rick's leadership is always being tested. Always doubting him, Spencer shouts at Rick, "Do you even have a clue as to what you're doing?" It's impressive how artist Charlie Adlard holds the intensity of the argument with just close-ups. This isn't about two guys jumping into a fistfight. This is about Rick proving a point. Adlard never depicts Rick backing down as the imagery holds onto Rick's stone-cold facial expression.  It's actually Spencer who cringes and chokes under pressure during this battle of wits. You just can't argue with a confident man.

Just like this current season with the Governor, there is a foreboding promise of an epic war. A scheming traitor lurks in the midst of Rick's group. How long can Rick actually keep his surprise attack a hidden secret? What will Negan do when he discovers Rick and Ezekiel are working together? Who's the next character to die in this long-running series?

If you're a fan of the TV series and miss your dose of zombies on Sundays, then do yourself a favor and pick up "The Walking Dead" #109. As always, the characterizations are done very well and the artwork is superb. Grab the issue and check out why "The Walking Dead" is  ever so popular.