Wanted: A Robb Stark Look-alike For A Romp In The Iron Throne


One passionate "Game of Thrones" fan is taking that passion to the bedroom in this Craigslist ad seeking a little fantastical, w4m, Westeros action.


A young lady in New Orleans posted the above ad to Craigslist and as you can see, she's just looking for some innocent, Westeros-themed boot knockin' with a few specific requests:

One: The guy MUST look just like Robb Stark

Two: She will dress like "Mother of Dragons" Daenerys

Three: You gotta provide your own costume


Five: No fancy furs, fellas. You just got out of a battle and spent some time in the dungeon. C'mon!

The poster just got her own replica of the Iron Throne, which according to our post from last year, costs a hearty $30,000. So this gal deserves to get what she wants after spending that kind of loot.

It's not exactly a marriage proposal, but a passionate fan is a passion fan, right? Different Iron Throne strokes for different folks.

What if Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden replied to this ad? That'd be a helluva thing, wouldn't it?

No names.

[Source: Blastr]