More New 'My Little Pony' Toys Than You Can Handle!

By Zack Smith

Loyal and obsessive fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” can rejoice – there are yet more outlets for you to spend your hard-earned money with a new line of MLP plushes…and a way to make a Pony of your very own…y.

Aurora World Inc. has announced a new partnership with Hasbro to make new MLP plushies, which will be available at Aurora’s more than 25,000 specialty shops nationwide.  That still might not be enough to keep up with “Brony” demand.

The initial release includes 18 MLP styles with 12 soft ponies, each of whom has a personalized carrying bag in Aurora’s Fancy Pals style, and six plush 10-inch ponies.  Again, this will probably not be enough to satiate “Bronies.”  They are a rampant crowd.

Perhaps they will find solace with the new “My Little Pony” options at Build-a-Bear.  While they are stuffed plush toys rather than those strange, unholy skins one can bring to “life” with a filling-hose, you still have plenty of options to customize ponies Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, including knight armor and a rainbow cape.


There is not as of yet an option for Rainbow Dash’s “20 Percent Cooler” outfit from that one episode I watched, but give it time.

If I could make my own My Little Pony, its name would be “Razorcorn,” and it would be a black winged beast with bloodshot eyes that could shoot lighting from its jagged spike and flames from its nostrils, and its “cutie mark” would be a skull with bat wings.  And this is why I am not a “Brony.”   Though I do have a sweet creation from the Muppet Whatnot Workshop.  I call him “Gerald.”

Anyway!  Planning to get these – and if you could make your own My Little Pony, what would it be like?  Let us know…and keep it clean.