'World War Z' Creator Pits Zombies Against Vampires In 'Extinction Parade' At Avatar


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Brooks, whose "World War Z" is now a sprawling, CG-heavy zombie movie with Brad Pitt in the lead creates a monster mash with this summer's 250-page event from Avatar.

"Extinction Parade" imagines a world where zombies and vampires fight it out for the last of the human food supply in an original series from the "Zombie Survival Guide" author. Brooks is joined by illustrator Raulo Caceres ("Gravel," "Belladonna") to tell the story of the battle of the undead in the presumably gory Avatar fashion. Hey, you're either into it, or you're not. I mostly dig it.

Per Avatar:

In a world where the zombie plague has put the human race on the endangered species list, another predatory undead species realizes that to stand by idly means the end of their food supply. Vastly outnumbered by the zombie hordes, vampires descend into all-out subdead war, with humanity caught in the crossfire. This new series further examines Brooks’ fascination with the lethal races of the undead and brings his unique voice to comics at a time when horror fiction is at an all-time high in popularity.

The first issue of "Extinction Parade" will be on shelves June 19. "World War Z" will be in theaters June 20.

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