Adventure Time Recap: 'Puhoy' Proves Finn Needs Affection


By Kendra Beltran

If you’re in love with the only human left in the "Adventure Time" realm, here’s some good news. Finn was the leading man during this week’s episode. He slayed a beast made of thread and showed that beneath that white cap is not only a bountiful head of hair, but a boy who needs to feel loved. (spoilers ahead!)

Let’s do something different this week and start with the new one of the pair. “Puhoy” begins with Jake and Finn doing what many of us do when it’s raining swords outside, building a pillow fort. Finn’s being a Debbie Downer because the Flame Princess didn’t laugh at his joke and he thinks it’s over. BMO tell s him not to worry and that she probably didn’t get the joke. Finn ignores the sound advice and heads off to “fester” by his lonesome in the fort.


By now you don’t question what goes on in this show, so Finn stumbles into Pillow World and slays the pillow dragon. Yup, everything in this world is made of pillows, from the people to the bird poo. So the mayor Quilton (hilarious) throws Finn a celepillobration (double hilarious). There Finn meets the mayor’s daughter Roselinen (triple hilarious and quite the cutie for a pillow). When Finn finds out the portal back to his real home is no more, things get weird.

Finn ends up growing older, marrying Roselinen and having kids. Trekkies will be happy to hear Jonathan Shawn as the grown up Finn.

Note: apparently time moves faster in Pillow World because in the cutaways Jake’s just wondering where Finn is and making BMO keep him company by wearing rainbow wigs.


Back to Pillow World, Finn and his cushion family head out to find the portal that will lead him out. Once on Mt. Abracadabra, Finn meets a shaman pillow, Vizzini. You fail at pop culture if you fail to immediately recognize that that pillow’s none other than Wallace Shawn. The Princess Bride, Toy Story, the classic House Arrest?

Finn decides to stay in Pillow World and grows even older. On his death bed the inevitable seems to happen and he ends up back in his former…current life. Jake’s interested in where he’s been and Finn’s amped to tell him about this pillow filled dream, but gets a call from Flame Princess. She finally got his joke and BMO gloats about being right. Finn then forgets the Pillow life he had.

It’s clear Finn’s the human of this show because of his biological need to for attention and affection. Next week things get real for BMO after it’s kidnapped by an eagle. Again, to question this show would render useless.

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