The Daily Geek: Cap’s Back, The Winning Dead, ‘This is the End,’ And More

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CAP’S BACK! Here’s the first official still from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

THE WINNING DEAD! Find out how you can win a set of McFarlane “Walking Dead” toys!

Watch: Walking Dead Toy Giveaway

BAD, COOKIE! Cookie Monster allegedly shoved and cursed at a little kid in Times Square.

CHESTNUT IS T’CHALLA? Did Morris Chestnut announce that he’s playing Black Panther?

MAN OF TV SPOT! Here’s a new look and the synopsis for the Supes flick!

GO GO T-SHIRT DESIGNERS! Check out the winners of WeLoveFine’s “Power Rangers” design contest.

THE NEW BATWING! DC revealed the new (no longer African) Batwing.

600? See the first stills from the “300” sequel.

A TANGLED TALE INDEED! Who really wrote Disney’s “Tangled”?

CLOONEY, SANDRA BULLOCK, ME! Watch a new clip from “This is the End.”

Watch: This is the End Clip

’Til tomorrow, gang!

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