The Daily Geek: Cap's Back, The Winning Dead, 'This is the End,' And More

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- CAP'S BACK! Here's the first official still from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."


- THE WINNING DEAD! Find out how you can win a set of McFarlane "Walking Dead" toys!

Watch: Walking Dead Toy Giveaway

- BAD, COOKIE! Cookie Monster allegedly shoved and cursed at a little kid in Times Square.

- CHESTNUT IS T'CHALLA? Did Morris Chestnut announce that he's playing Black Panther?

- MAN OF TV SPOT! Here's a new look and the synopsis for the Supes flick!

- GO GO T-SHIRT DESIGNERS! Check out the winners of WeLoveFine's "Power Rangers" design contest.

- THE NEW BATWING! DC revealed the new (no longer African) Batwing.

- 600? See the first stills from the "300" sequel.

- A TANGLED TALE INDEED! Who really wrote Disney's "Tangled"?

- CLOONEY, SANDRA BULLOCK, ME! Watch a new clip from "This is the End."

Watch: This is the End Clip

'Til tomorrow, gang!


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