Help The Four Horsemen With Their Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign For 'The Ravens!'


By Zack Smith

What rewards can you get for helping master toymakers the Four Horsemen with their upcoming Kickstarter campaign?  Here’s your chance to let them know yourselves!

The Horsemen, whose work you know from such lines as Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Universe Classics, along with such revival lines as The Outer Space Men and Power Lords,  have reached out to fans through their website to help figure out a plan for a Kickstarter campaign for “The Ravens,” a new line of 11 armored warriors from their “Gothitropolis” line, each with the head of a different bird (and in one case, a lizard, but they’re all related – why would Jurassic Park lie to us?).



The Horsemen have proposed a number of possible rewards for donations, such as a choice of one of the Ravens and an exclusive sticker for a basic donation, complete sets, a “Day at Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios” tour that would let a fan get to observe and participate in the toy-sculpting process, and more.

Gothitropolis is a line the Four Horsemen sell through their online shop Store Horsemen , a massive supernatural story involving gods and monsters and the undead and other great things, such as the bad dude Scarabus and his minions.



The control the Horsemen have over the line means that they get to experiment with a huge number of variations for their figures, including different heads and paint jobs, and a number of alternate hands/faces/etc. with each figure.

So what would get you to contribute to a Kickstarter for this new line?  Let the Four Horsemen know by going over to their Facebook page – they’re eager for your feedback, and we’re eager to see what they come up with for this line!

Yes, we made it all the way through this post without making a “the Four Horsemen want to give you the bird" joke.  STRENGTH.