Recap: Orphan Black's 'Instinct' Is Going To Drive her Crazy


By Jorge Solis

In the latest "Orphan Black" episode, Sarah, a sharp-witted chameleon, thought she had the perfect plan to make money. While pretending to be someone else, Sarah finds herself trapped in a sticky web of lies, murder, and deceit. Will Sarah unlock the mystery and find out how many of her look-alikes are out there in "Instinct?" Spoilers ahead!

At the shocking cliff-hanger of "Natural Selection," Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) saw her identical clone, "The German," get shot in the head. Frightened out her mind, Sarah frantically drove away while being shot at by an unseen sniper. After speaking to a mysterious caller, Sarah is ordered to get rid of the dead body, get some blood samples, and find the missing briefcase. The twin's sudden death confirms that the rumors are true. There is someone out there killing the clones. This assassin has traveled all the way from Europe to kill "the German."

In order to keep up with the lies, Sarah continues to live her double life as Beth. Beth's boyfriend, Paul (Dylan Bruce), is actually concerned for her. Paul knew Beth wasn't ready to return to the police force. The shooting incident, which left an innocent civilian dead, caused Beth to mentally breakdown. Sarah only made matters worse for herself by stealing the money from Beth's bank accounts. Beth's partner, Art (Kevin Hanchard), thinks she is a dirty cop on the take. 


Sarah needs that stolen money before she can to return to her daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler). After abandoning her child, Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) figured Sarah would sink so low as to fake her own funeral. After being grilled by Art, Sarah discovers he actually stole the money from her. Art will hold onto the money until the internal investigation is over. With the case files in her hands, Sarah has to figure out how Beth could somehow mistake a cell phone for a gun.

Felix (Jordan Gavaris), Sarah's step-brother, is doing his best to make sure everyone else believes Sarah is dead. He has to keep Sarah's abusive ex-boyfriend, Vic (Michael Mando) from visiting her daughter. Felix is uncomfortable as he tries to convince Mrs. S that Sarah will eventually return for Kira. Sarah's daughter continues to ask when her mother will be ready and come back for her.  

With the clothing from Felix's closet, Sarah fakes her accent and pretends to be "the German." When she sneaks into the hotel building, Sarah finds the entire room trashed as if someone was looking for something. Sarah uncovers a message left behind by the clone's killer. On top of a table, Sarah notices a disfigured toy doll with its the head torn off.  After retrieving the missing briefcase, Sarah uncovers  X-rays, blood samples,  and an address to another clone. Sarah is shocked to see another twin with children and living a normal life as a soccer mom.

Sarah's twin, Beth, committed suicide because she was investigating the clones. The truth behind the replicas must have driven Beth completely insane. As Sarah continues the investigation, will she end up crazy as well in the next episode of "Orphan Black?" 

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