Little Miss Geek Hopes To Inspire Future Female Tech Poineers


Belinda Parmar, founder of Lady Geek and writer of the book "Little Miss Geek" launched a companion website and social outreach program to help interest young girls in tech-centric professions and prepare teachers and families to educate those interested young girls.

According to Little Miss Geek:

The aim is to do for the tech industry what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners; to cause a nationwide change from the ground up.

Parmar has worked up a series steps for schools and homes to initiate a change in the number of young, female, tech wizards:


Little MIss Geek is asking readers for support in the following areas:

Tell your story

If you work in the tech or games industry (or wish you did but never did anything about) please write a post for us about your journey. It might be about your route into the industry, about someone who influenced you to work in the tech space or your thoughts on how to improve the female ratio. The only criteria is that you inspire others.

Become a trainer/partner

We are building up a network of the most innovative technologists in the industry. If you are a programmer, app developer, games designer, UX specialist or involved in the creation of technology, get involved in helping us run our Little Miss Geek Academy in London schools. You will be paid for your time.

Spread the word in schools

If you are teacher, we will have a pack of materials including posters, Little Miss Geek books and tips on how to engage girls into tech.

Buy the t-shirt

Yes you can literally ‘get your geek on’ and have your own Little Miss Geek T-shirt for £15. Who could say no to that?!


Please email if you want to tell your story via our blog and for everything else.

Right now, Little Miss Geek is focused on expanding the UK tech workforce but I wouldn't be surprised if more initiatives like this pop up all over the world.

You can visit Little MIss Geek for more info.


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