'Doctor Who' Recap: The Doctor Can't Escape 'The Rings Of Akhaten'


By Jorge Solis

In this latest episode of "Doctor Who," Clara Oswald accepts the Doctor's proposal and takes an adventure across time and space. As if this were her rite of passage, Clara experiences what life is truly like as one of the Doctor's companions. Let's check out what happened to Clara during her trip to "The Rings of Akhaten." (Spoilers ahead!)

In the 1980s, the Doctor (Matt Smith) hides behind a comic book as he spies on a young man  walking across the street. Without warning, the young man's face is smacked by a large leaf. Just when he is about to get hit by a car, the young man is suddenly rescued by a pedestrian. It is love at first sight as the young man becomes enamored with his rescuer. The Doctor follows their timeline as they have a future child named Clara Oswald. This ordinary leaf holds something important because it brought those two strangers together.

Clara (Jenna Louise-Coleman) decides she wants to travel with the Doctor. Because he can take her anywhere at any time, Clara wholeheartedly says, "I want to see something awesome!" The Doctor then takes her to visit the Rings of Akhaten, during the Festival of Offerings. While at a flea market, Clara sees a world unlike anything she has ever seen, filled with exotic glowing fruit and different alien races.


While looking around in awe, Clara becomes separated from the Doctor. While the Doctor is away, Clara notices a little girl in red (Emilia Jones) running away. Clara follows after the lost  little girl because she thinks the helpless child may need her assistance. Clara is certainly right about this because a trio of deadly aliens, The Vigil, are stalking her.

When Clara finds Merry, the Queen of Years,  the two run off to hide in the Doctor's magic blue box, the TARDIS. Clara struggles to open the doors, which seem to be strangely locked. It seems that the TARDIS doesn't like Clara. Because she is a caretaker, Clara has a special connection with children. The Queens of Years is afraid to perform a song in front of Grandfather. Clara assures Merry that she will not make a mistake and even attends the concert to show her support.

During her performance, Merry is kidnapped and taken hostage inside a pyramid. The Doctor and Clara have to rescue Merry from a soul-eating monster. Grandfather is really a parasitic vampire feeding off the souls of others. Using his sonic screwdriver, The Doctor holds back the dark powers of the Vigil. They will not let anything happen to Merry as the three confront the ever-growing Grandfather.

After visiting the Rings of Akhaten, Clara still wants to continue traveling with the Doctor. Because she reminds the Doctor of someone who previously died, Clara will not compete with a ghost. Will the Doctor get past her appearance and accept Clara for who really she is in the next episode of "Doctor Who?"

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