Batman: Arkham City Statue from DC Collectibles is Black and White and Red All Over!


By Zack Smith

Hope you like your bat bloody – this new Batman: Arkham City statue teased by DC Collectibles shows the Dark Knight getting HARDCORE.

On their Facebook page, DC Collectibles put out the latest teaser for an upcoming Batman: Arkham City statue, the man himself.  Roll that beautiful Bat-footage!

This continues the “black, white and one other color” theme of previous statues, such as this black, white and red Harley Quinn...

…this black, white and green Joker…

…and this black, white and blue Nightwing.

We demand there be a black, white and neon purple Kller Moth, but our cries are likely to be unheard by the cruel, faceless deciders at DC Collectibles.

We’ll let you know as more details on pricing and shipping dates become available, but are you excited about this – and do you have any other Batman: Arkham City characters you want in statue form?  Let us know!