New 'Walking Dead' Figures Available for Order!

crop MCF13948

By Zack Smith

A ton of new Walking Dead action figures from McFarlane Toys are available for pre-order on Big Bad Toy Store with pictures – but you’d better act fast, as they’re going faster than human victims in a zombie uprising!  …too soon?

Featuring detailed sculpting and for the most part, 22 points of articulation (fewer when, um, certain appendages that could be articulated have been, shall we say, violently removed), Series 4 features Andrea, Carl, two Riot Gear Zombies, everybody’s favorite psycho The Governor and, wait for it, a two-pack of fan-favorite survivalist brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon!

The figures were created from 3-D scans of the actors themselves, and come with plenty of accessories, such as knives, guns, alternate heads with different degrees of mutilation, and in the case of Daryl, a crossbow (of course).

Most of the figures retail for $14.99 at Big Bad Toy Store, and are due to ship in September – but many, including the Dixon Brothers pack, have sold out already.  Don’t yell at me.  I’m as bitter as you are.

Planning to get the figures that are left – or pre-ordered a few already?  Let us know – and also let us know which humans/zombies you most want to see immortalized in plastic form!


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