The First Episode Of Machinima's First Original Series 'Omega' Is Live Now

The sci-fi drama from director Jared Pelletier has launched on Machinima bringing aliens and the end of the world.

The language gets a little salty on this one. "Omega" stars Mark DiNicola as one of the handful of survivors that made it through Earth's first contact with aliens.

And I'm not quite feeling it yet. Machinima's first venture into original IP bears all the hallmarks of most web-based, fan-made videos: from the shaky cam to the stiff performances (the campfire chat around the 5:30 mark is particularly grating), right now "Omega" could be any made-on-weekend "Half-Life" fan movie. From the shaky cam to the washed-out palette, with the sound off, you'd be hard-pressed to distinguish it from every other fan video out there.

Coming at us with its own version of zombies (here they're "Infiltrators"), based on the first installment, it's a mishmash of a lot of stuff out there right now without forming its own identity. Compare it to something like "Aperture R&D" (which ironically is based on a game), and you see flashes of something that has figured out what kind of show it wants to be instead of being a po-faced apocalyptic drama.

I know I'm being harsh less than seven minutes in, but Machinima has been the home to a lot of excellent content over the years and to see their first original effort fall flat like this is kind of disappointing.

Omega Poster

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