Arrow Recap: ‘Unfinished Business,’ More like Mountains of Stress and Bromances


By Kendra Beltran

Fair warning, the latest "Arrow" episode “Unfinished Business” will cause you to have one too many panic attacks; just putting that out there. On top of all the action, vertigo is back in Starling City, apparently slapping water is a necessity in training, and Laurel and Tommy never broke up? Okay, I must’ve misunderstood their relationship status. You can read all about that, and Oliver’s war against drugs on MTV Splash Page because right now I have to relieve some stress, vent about Tommy and rave about Diggle.

Not one, but two anxiety attacks came about this week. When Detective Lance thought Tommy was selling vertigo, then found out he bribed the zoning commissioner to stay out of the basement of the club, I squirmed. Me and Oliver were sweating bullets, well in this case arrows, as he opened that door. The second round of my heart beating to its limit came when Oliver got knocked out by the real vertigo dealer, then drugged with some vertigo like cocktail. Oh lord, thank goodness Diggle showed up. Of course things worked out in both instances, and I know that he can’t be found out, but it doesn’t make situations like those any less worrisome.

Turns out Tommy did a good deed by hiding the hideout and making the basement look like a storage room. I thought, aw, Tommy sure does love his BFF Oliver. Then as soon as I thought it, I had to take it back because he got overdramatic about Oliver believing that he’d sell drugs just because of his past. Plus, Tommy had to bring up the whole “killing people, even bad ones is bad…blah, blah, blah.” Seriously Tommy, get a new tune to sing. When he ended up quitting the club, I was all smiles. Those quickly dissolved as soon as he asked his father for a job. I got my eyes on you Tommy, and if need be, you will get an arrow. Yes, I think that I somehow control who Oliver handles. But just saying, if Oliver has to take down Tommy, I won’t be upset about it.


So Oliver lost Tommy for the time being, and I thought him and Diggle were heading down the same road. When Oliver found out Diggle hid that he was looking for Deadshot, things got heated. Oliver told him it wasn’t a good time for personal vendettas. I love Oliver and am almost always on his side, but baby got a massive eye roll for that comment. Oliver, isn’t this whole vigilante thing you’re doing for your dad? Thankfully the two were in a total bromance towards the end. See Tommy, Oliver doesn’t need you, he has Diggle.

Take some time to recover from this week’s episode and when Arrow returns with “Home Invasion” in two weeks, you’ll be ready to go. It looks like Tommy will still be a crybaby about Oliver’s pastime and Oliver does his thing and to save Laurel and Detective Lance as the vigilante (obviously). Didn’t see Roy in the preview; that better be a mistake.

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