The Daily Geek: R.I.P. Roger Ebert, ‘Carrie’ Trailer And More

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TWO THUMBS UP! The great Roger Ebert died yesterday. “The Onion” wrote a slyly sincere piece about the legendary critic here.

OUT TODAY! The new “Evil Dead” is released. He’s not in it.

SHE CAN MOVE THINGS WITH HER MIND! Check out the new trailer from “Carrie.”

HERO OF THE WEEK! MTV Splash Page loves the Marvel Phase One set!

DARK UNIVERSE! Here are five characters who should show up in GDT’s “Justice League Dark” flick.

THE RISE OF CTHULHU! So Lovecraft’s old god is totally real now.

DUST THE DUST! Here are a bunch of words that are their own opposites!

COOL ART ALERT! Check out these stunning movie portraits by Massimo Carnevale!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Here’s the best way to beat Tetris!

’Til Monday, gang!