The Daily Geek: R.I.P. Roger Ebert, 'Carrie' Trailer And More

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- TWO THUMBS UP! The great Roger Ebert died yesterday. "The Onion" wrote a slyly sincere piece about the legendary critic here.


- OUT TODAY! The new "Evil Dead" is released. He's not in it.


- SHE CAN MOVE THINGS WITH HER MIND! Check out the new trailer from "Carrie."

- HERO OF THE WEEK! MTV Splash Page loves the Marvel Phase One set!

- DARK UNIVERSE! Here are five characters who should show up in GDT's "Justice League Dark" flick.

- THE RISE OF CTHULHU! So Lovecraft's old god is totally real now.

- DUST THE DUST! Here are a bunch of words that are their own opposites!

- COOL ART ALERT! Check out these stunning movie portraits by Massimo Carnevale!


- HAPPY FRIDAY! Here's the best way to beat Tetris!


'Til Monday, gang!