Zatanna Gets A New-Old Costume Change


Yesterday, Geoff Johns tweeted the new-old look for DC's resident backwards spell-spewing magician Zatanna as she'll appear in "Justice League" #22. See it in full below.



New New 52 Zatanna

Regular readers know that Zatanna got the boot from "Justice League Dark" and was recruited into the big league in "Justice League" #18. So it looks like she's got some new duds to go with her new gig.

Until now, the "New 52" Mistress of Magic had a more Suicide Girl-y, yet (dare I say?) practical costume featuring PANTS, a jacket, fishnet sleeves, and a (not so practical) corset top. Now she's back to her classic underpants, fishnet stockings, and cape look. No top hat though.


Old New 52 Zatanna

What do you guys think? Did you like the new-old or the old-new Zatanna look better?