The Daily Geek: Uhura Is Gamora, LucasArts Is Gone, And More

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- NEYTIRI/UHURA/GAMORA! Will Zoe Saldana play the big green gal in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy"?

- NOOOOOOOO! Disney has shut down LucasArts!

- FONEBOOK? If your favorite/most hated social network announcing a phone today?

- MoCCA! Check out Fantagraphics line-up for NY's indie fest!

- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! GDT would LOVE a Godzilla/"Pacific Rim" crossover!

- DC'S PHASE TWO! DC's We Can Be Heroes initiative raised a boatload of cash!

- OH SO WRONG! But oh so right! Batman's car decals!


'Til tomorrow, gang!