Thief And Spy 'The Saint' Might Be Coming Back To TV With Eliza Dushku and Adam Rayner

The classic British series gets reinvented (again) for TV with the two actors playing a brilliant thief and his high-kicking tech expert.

Rayner would be the brilliant thief in that equation, with Dushku in the role that will certainly require her to at some point say something about firewalls and levels of encryption.

Both actors appear in a pilot movie shot for a potential new series, although currently, no networks have picked it up. It's easy to see how it might be an easy sell, though, with shades of the very popular "Burn Notice" offering a pair of rogues doing good by doing bad (and picking up some cash along the way). "Con Air" and "The Mechanic" director Simon West is behind the camera on this one, returning to TV after executive producing and directing episodes of "Human Target" and the short-lived "The Cape."

Maybe you don't remember "The Saint" (although hopefully its theme song might strike a chord), but debonair thief Simon Templar has been committing larceny with our hearts for 85 years in film, comics, and TV. The most familiar version to viewers of a certain age is the pre-Bond television series starring Roger Moore, with the thief frequently getting drawn into international conspiracies and murder mysteries. He returned in the awful globe-trotting 90's film where Val Kilmer acts through a series of uncomfortable masks opposite Elizabeth Shue who seems just happy to be there.

[Source: Badass Digest]

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