Bollywood Movie Superhero 'Krrish' Gets Animated By Cartoon Network


The films featuring Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan are getting the prequel treatment courtesy of Cartoon Network India starting with July's "Kid Krrish," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

I haven't yet seen 2003's "Koi...Mil Gaya" ( AKA, "I Found Someone"), the introduction to the super strong vigilante who is also a friend to nature, but I was introduced to the charms of Hindi dreamboat (what?) Roshan with 2006's action/comedy/romance "Krrish." That film saw Roshan playing Krishna Mehra, the son of the character he played in the first film, raised in the wilderness and blessed with superpowers from a blue alien, lured to the big city thanks to the charms of a beautiful reporter on vacation. It takes a while for the 154-minute film to begin ramping up the wire-fu action (there's a lot of broad and dire romantic shenanigans to get through) but when Krishna dons his domino mask and leather jacket, the criminals of Singapore will get tore up (the last act has a surprising level of violence and ultimately gets really, really dark).

You can--and should--Netflix it.

With a third film on the way in November, Cartoon Network India has teamed up with the animators at Toonz to create four animated movies based on the film franchise. The first, "Kid Krrish" will debut on July 14 and tell the story of how young Krishna discovers his powers and begins to understand his world-shaping destiny.

Given that audiences here aren't as familiar with "Krrish," it's not likely the animated movies will make their way to Cartoon Network U.S. but one can hope.