Adventure Time Recap: 'A Glitch Is a Glitch'


By Kendra Beltran

Another episode of "Adventure Time" containing one brand new, and one oldie-but-goodie that tied in with the first. What’s a girl have to do to get two new ones in a row? Wait, maybe don’t answer that.

Let’s chat about the walk down memory lane really quick. If you weren’t in the know about "Adventure Time "a couple years ago, “Guardians of Sunshine” didn’t look familiar. It just had Jake and Finn heading inside of BMO even after BMO gives them a stern warning not to. Of course they end up inside anyways to play a game they know they can beat, which they didn’t. The creatures that inhabit the game wind up escaping and look creepier in their world than they ever did pixelated.

That’s enough with the past, although pixelation played the biggest role in “A Glitch Is a Glitch.” First off, the animation for this "Adventure Time" was in a 3D manner, so it through me for a loop. More on the look a little later.


Anyways, Jake and Finn get an “email” from The Ice King. This email’s a floppy disk with a video of Marceline eating her hair. Not only does it gross out the pair, but makes their computer crash. This leads to the rest of the world crashing as well. Time for that “later,” the deletion and pixels all breaking apart made me continue to think my TV was going out. Good job Adventure Time, you made me sit here and swear at Time Warner every five seconds.

Did you forget who the “email” was from? The Ice King’s behind it all because one time Princess Bubblegum said that she’d go on a date with him once he was the last one on Earth. Literal much? Also, not to get too “let’s make this a college essay,” but the idea that a computer crashing could result in the end of mankind was a genius take on the world today. Imagine waking up tomorrow and not being able to tweet about your night’s sleep? Oh the humanity!


Back to the show, while everyone in Ooo deleting from existence, Jake and Finn hack the universal source code to nip the virus in the butt. Back in Ooo Princess Bubblegum keeps breaking The Ice King’s heart by insisting their date will never happen. Jake and Finn defeat the virus by imitating the “email” from earlier, both feasting on Finn’s hair. The virus has the natural response of anyone seeing that in person, furious vomiting.

The citizens of Ooo live to see another day and The Ice King remains a lonely creeper. Again, when is Lemongrab coming back? This girl’s heart can’t take this animated long distance relationship she’s mentally established with him. Speaking of relationships, next week Finn isn’t feeling too good about things between him and the Flame Princess.

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