'Astro City' Relocates To Vertigo Comics


Last month we announced Kurt Busiek's highly-regarded "Astro City" would be returning this coming June. But there was one change, the long-running Wildstorm series would be released under the DC proper label. When I asked Busiek about the possible changes that might come to "Astro City" as a result of the imprint shift, he said:

Geek: Will it be integrated into the main DC "New 52" universe as other books have been?

KB: No, not at all. "Astro City" takes place in its own reality, not part of anyone else's universe, same as it has been from the start. As I like to say, if I want to do a crossover, the Astro City crew can always make up both sides of it. So while we'll be under the DC imprint, we won't be part of the DC Universe.

Now Busiek's superhero satire is completely free from any "New 52" involvement as the series is coming out under DC's Vertigo imprint rather than DC proper.

Why the change? I'm not sure. Was Busiek fearful of having his "reality" mashed with the exceedingly singular DC "New 52" world? It was a strange move to expect a creator-owned title like "Astro City" to stand alone in a post-New 52 universe. It seems everything in DC's roster is now free to crossover with any and all other titles, even if it's an unnatural fit ("I, Vampire," "Dial H"). Regardless of the reasons behind the move, fans can feel comfortable knowing "Astro City" is returning and will be completely free from any integration or crossovers...unless Busiek and team decides to integrate and crossover, that is.



[Source: Vertigo]