Vote Now For Best Hero At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Which 2012 movie hero did you wish would swoop in and save you from your terrible life? You can choose him or her as Best Hero at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards!

Was it:

Batman from “The Dark Knight Rises”?

Hulk from “Marvel’s The Avengers”?

Iron Man from “Marvel’s The Avengers”?

Snow White from “Snow White and the Hunstman”?

Catwoman from “The Dark Knight Rises”?

Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”?

Make your pick for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards Best Hero HERE and promote your fave on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtags #voteironman, #votehulk, #votebatman, #votesnowwhite, #votecatwoman and #votebilbo.