The Daily Geek: Marvel Phase Two, R.I.P. Jess Franco, And More

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- MARVEL PHASE II: STAR WARS EPISODE VII! The new concept art for "Guardians of the Galaxy" sure is "Star Wars-y."


- R.I.P.! Iconic cult filmmaker Jesus "Jess" Franco, director of "Vampyros Lesbos" has died.

- BUY STUFF! Ryan Kelly is selling original "Saucer Country" art.

- OH THE WHO-MANITY! Topless Robot counts down 5 ways Steven Moffat and "Doctor Who" will be annoying.

- FANTASTIC BEARD, MAN! Here's a bunch of cool facial hair from sci-fi/fantasy.

- TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Marvel dishes details on the Thanos-centric "Infinity."

- I AIN'T DEAD YET! There's a bunch more comic shops opening!

- COOL ART ALERT! Check out the cover for "Superior Spider-Man" #9!


- THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPENNING, HUH? At WonderCon, Guillermo del Toro shared details about his "Justice League Dark" movie!

- BEST THING EVER! Help Reginald Veljohnson Kickstart "Taken 3: Family Matters"!

The Family Matters Movie from KickstartOrDie

'Til tomorrow, gang!