Help Fund Fake 1980s Toys with 'Mini Comics Included' Kickstarter!


By Zack Smith

There's just one more day to help "Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley and his friends fund their Kickstarter project "Mini Comics Included" -- and we've got a look at some of the fake 1980s toy lines they've created for the project!

"Mini Comics Included" is a tribute to those little comics that came with He-Man and other 1980s toy lines -- except these comics are for 1980s toys that never existed.  The Kickstarter campaign lets contributors get a set of comics for such toys as "Prime 8s," "Dead Star Divas" and "Literary Commandos" -- and some rewards even let you get custom toys of the characters.

With 24 hours left on the Kickstarter, there's still time to contribute -- and we've got co-creator Michael Moreci (Image Comics Hoax Hunters, Skybreaker at Monkeybrain), to tell us about some of the crazy customs contributors can get.  Take it away, Michael!


"Galaxxor is the work of Ben Spencer, who is friends with Tim, Steve, and I. He's an awesome toy designer who graciously let us plug his creation, Galaxxor, into The Omega Family."

Dracula Man

"Dracula Man is just...what can you say? Hilarious and essential. The character is a Tim Seeley creation, the toy a work of ManOrMonster?, who makes incredibly awesome toys. And, he's a good dude on top of it."

Tree Gar

"Treegarr is the wok of BigManToys, and is a really popular figure in the indie toy scene. It's such a unique and bizarre design. Ol' Treegarr will be appearing in Dead Star Divas."


"Then there's Murder, the lovable NASA astronaut whose human consciousness was melded with a crow. Who hasn't been there? Murder is just a special thing we're doing--Steve and I have gotten countless requests to make a Murder action figure, since Hoax Hunters began. ManOrMonster? again stepped up for us and, viola, there's your Murder."

Michael also shared with MTV Geek an exclusive look at Tim Seeley's "Dead Star Divas" character "Violet Moodswings."  Check her out in all her glory!


Like what you see?  Then check out the Mini Comics Included Kickstarter while it's still open -- and contribute if you'd like see these toys for yourself!