MTV Geek's Steven Smith On 'The Wolverine': Snikt!

The-Wolverine-movie-trailerBy Steven Smith

When I was a kid, the way you said you were cool was if you had "Wolverine" #1. There weren’t too many cool kids in my school, so our bar for awesome was pretty low. But I had "Wolverine" one through four so I was considered quite cool. Or naïve, take your pick.

When I first read the "Wolverine" mini-series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, I was young enough to not understand it. The art was violent and often creepy at times. I only read word balloons, skipping any other words except for sound effects, so the subtleties were lost on me and I had know idea this was the beginning of a renaissance for Logan. What I did know was I had never seen a major super hero kill people before, in a brown costume no less.

Hugh Jackman is a great Wolverine, a bit tall but still great. He has embodied what we have come to expect from James Howlett complete with regret and full on berserker rage – which is why I’m comfortable in saying , based on the trailer, I’m a little nervous.

Now don’t get your tights in a twist, I’m always nervous when a beloved character has movie coming out -- except for the "Dark Knight," that one I knew was a lock. Dark Knight Rises though? Nervous as all hell. And I was right! But with "The Wolverine" I’m not so much concerned about the character – Jackman will kill it like he always does – it’s what’s surrounding him that gets me itchy.

First and foremost I’m skeptical about anything that’s 3-D. I don’t understand 3-D and it gives me a headache – LIKE MOST PEOPLE – plus most filmmakers don’t do it right. The only movie I’ve ever seen that worked in 3-D was about the X Games, everything else looks like a 3DS. "The Wolverine" doesn’t need to be in 3-D, but I get how Hollywood can make more money from showing them in that format. Higher ticket prices yo.

We know the story of all the key players –  Aronofsky out, Mangold in, the guy who re-wrote Constantine (underrated), rewrote the script written by the guy who wrote the "Usual Suspects" (rated appropriately) and everyone’s a fan of Wolverine in Japan. The trailer looks and the action looks top notch. Also, I applaud the storyline of taking away Logan’s healing factor but not his adamantium.

Wolverine is a character of grit. He’s a cowboy and in Japan, a cowboy is a samurai so this film’s premise makes sense – except for all the Ratner baggage they have to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, "X-3" had some nice moments, particularly casting, Ellen Page and Kelsey Grammer specifically. I’m looking forward to seeing how this continuity continues plus brings in characters like Viper ("Avengers 2" cameo?) and fan fav Yukio stir up the mix. This film may just open the doors for Captain America and Wolverine teaming up in WWII one of the best Wolvie stories written. Of course I’ll be nervous about that too. And first in line.


Steven Smith doesn’t like Westerns because he fears small pox, you can watch his new MTV Geek program Cooking With Thrones right now, and he’s seen every X film in the theater with no sign of stopping.

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