Now 'Black Dynamite' Is Going To Bust Some Suckahs In Comics At IDW In September


Coming out of WonderCon, IDW has revealed that they're taking the Michael Jai White-starring "Black Dynamite" and bringing it to comics this fall in a miniseries.

The publisher didn't reveal any details about the creative team or length of the miniseries, but chances are White will be involved in some capacity (probably "consulting" on the story or something along those lines).

"Black Dynamite" has been successful as an animated series at Adult Swim, earning a second season from Cartoon Network, while the indie blaxploitation spoof which spawned these spinoffs is itself getting a sequel (which may or may not be a Western).

The film followed an ex-CIA agent who returned to his drug-plagued L.A. neighborhood to dispense justice and look out for his fellow brothers (even if he did manage a stable of prostitutes and put a lot of his brothers in the morgue). The 2009 film was directed by Scott Sanders (who now writes for the animated series) from a script by Michael Jai White (who starred as the afro'd street hero) and Byron Minns.

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