'Walking Dead' Recap: The Governor Is Out For Blood in 'Welcome To The Tombs'

walking-dead-welcome-to-the-tombs-rickBy Jorge Solis

With an army and tons of heavy artillery by his side, The Governor unleashes his wrath at the prison in the season finale of "The Walking Dead." In case you missed the repeat of "Welcome To The Tombs," check out the recap from MTV Splash Page. With the Governor right on his way, Rick and the others have no choice but to defend the prison.

Spoilers Ahead!After discovering the traitor in Woodbury, The Governor (David Morrissey) drags Milton (Dallas Roberts) into the torture chamber and stabs him. Locked inside with Andrea (Laurie Holden), Milton knows he will eventually turn into a walker. During the season, we've seen Milton experimenting on the elderly, figuring out how the zombie transformation works. While Andrea is trying to reach the pliers, Milton is counting down the minutes before the transformation settles in. Milton uses his drying breath to warn Andrea about his inevitable fate.

While Andrea attempts to break free, the Governor begins his raid against the prison. Just a few minutes before, it seemed like Rick and the others chose not to fight the Governor and his army. Just when the prison appeared to be abandoned, the Governor finds Hershel's calling card. Getting his own slice of revenge, Hershel (Scott Wilson) marked a passage in the bible, sending a "See You In Hell" message to the Governor. Suddenly, the Governor and his soldiers are tricked into an ambush by Rick's gang and the prison's walkers.


Humiliated by the retreat, the Governor snaps and shoots down his own army. Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) realizes he picked the wrong side to join. Shocked by the Governor's betrayal, Martinez is too afraid to pull the trigger and kill him. Did the Governor leave one person alive, just so that she could be later eaten by the reawakened walkers?

Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus), and Michonne (Danai Gurira) arrive in Woodbury in search of Andrea. Michonne takes out her sword when she sees blood on the floor. The three find Andrea on the floor, bleeding from the neck. Andrea uses her last spare moments to reconcile with her friends, especially Michonne, and tells them, "We can't make it alone." They take her message to heart, rescuing the elderly and children of Woodbury.

Upon his return to the prison, Rick realizes he has found meaning behind his hallucinations. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) appears to him when Rick refuses to acknowledge he is making the wrong decision. Laurie disappeared after Rick refused to hand Michonne over to the Governor in "This Sorrowful Life." Rick has a new problem in his hands as Carl (Chandler Riggs) killed one of the Governor's defectors, a kid with asthma, in cold blood. The boy's mother happens to be one of the newcomers in the school bus.


This is the only type of happy ending you'll find in a show like "The Walking Dead." There is a sense of hope as the survivors of Woodbury are welcomed to the prison. With the Governor's whereabouts unknown, fans will have to wait and see what happens next when "The Walking Dead" returns in October.