Get 'Under the Dome' With This First Footage From The Summer Miniseries

This behind-the-scenes promo provides a first glimpse at Brian K. Vaughan's adaptation of the Stephen King novel for CBS.

The series, which premieres June 24 on CBS, places a small Maine town under a dome and watches the drama that unfolds (yeah, it's kind of like the plot for "The Simpsons Movie" but King had been tinkering with the original manuscript for the better part of 30 years). I'd love to break down the many, many ways the book is terrible (and still might leading up to the premiere) but it has a wounded soldier who has to fight one more battle for the soul of a town, a cartoonishly corrupt city councilman/car dealer, a killer with a brain tumor, and the explanation for the dome is a left-field development that is both insulting and nuts.

I'm still trying to decide if "Under the Dome" or "The Tommyknockers" is King's worst book, although the latter received the worst television adaptation by far.

And yet I have (some) faith that "Y: The Last Man" writer Brian K. Vaughan might be able to turn it around, especially since he's been given wide latitude by King and CBS to change up the story a bit for the 13-episode series. According to Vaughan during the show's WonderCon panel this weekend, King encouraged Vaughan and showrunner Neal Baer to mix things up and has been supportive of their changes so far.

And for giggles, here's the trailer for "The Tommyknockers." Come for the terrible line reading, stay for Traci Lords disappearing a couple of State Troopers with her lipstick:

[Source: THR]