The Vampire Diaries 'American Gothic' Recap


Katherine was found, no one wants to cure Rebekah and Klaus was shirtless the entire time: those were the basics of  the latest "Vampire Diaries" episode “American Gothic,” the shell if you will. As for the gooey center? That was filled with mind games, Elena’s psychotic rage and shirtless Klaus. Yes, it was that good that it had to be mentioned twice, and probably a few more times before this is through.

When Elena goes to feed on a random, bingo! -- they find Katherine’s hiding place. They also find out Katherine’s set to meet “em” and Elena goes in her place. Turns out she’s meeting Elijah. Were you happy to see him? Thought so.

Damon and Stefan stumble upon Rebekah and Katherine. Stefan goes to look for Elena and Elijah, while the other three leave to get the cure. Katherine acts (unconvincingly) shocked the cure isn’t in her safe. Damon figures it’s in the fish(less) tank, but when he goes to get it, he’s burned by vervain water. He has no luck with a net because Katherine dunks his head in. I’m not ashamed to admit I jumped and let out a, “NO! Not his face!” Rebekah ends up taking the cure and Katherine gets away.

American Gothic

Of course what Rebekah took wasn’t the cure. Do you think Katherine would let it go that easy? It’s her ticket to freedom if she gets it to Klaus. Rebekah’s still a vampire and here we’ll discuss how no one wants her to be anything but. Katherine tells her being human won’t solve any of her problems, and Elijah later asks why she thinks her family’s a burden. Rebekah should accept being a vampire because at this point she’s the last one who’s getting it.

After Elena tells Elijah that Katherine hasn’t changed because she’s the one who killed Jeremy, Elijah’s had enough. In either an effort to win him back because she actually cares, or to get him back so that he’ll help her make a deal with Klaus, she gives Elijah the cure and tells him that it’s up to him where they go from there. Elijah decides to take the cure back to Mystic Falls, which makes Klaus smile wide. We can assume this will only work in Katherine’s favor.

The best part of the night? Shirtless Klaus. Poor baby was in pain from the Silas stake stab. Caroline comes in and tells him, “As much as I’d love to watch you die, you still haven’t found me that cure.” What!? Oh, it was Silas? Dang mind games every which way.


The real Caroline shows up, thinking Klaus is flirting and phone stalking her. At that point you’re like, really Caroline, who flirts like that? Covered in sweat and grimacing in pain. She makes him suffer until he agrees to let Tyler come back, their bickering causes Klaus to forget the pain and he realizes it was all in his head.

Wait, wait, wait, one mention of the Salvatore brothers? Let’s see, Damon was mad Elena snapped his neck, but then let Rebekah take the “cure,” but then assured Stefan he wants Elena to have the cure. Still not really sure where he stands on this since he changes his mind so often. Then Stefan admitted when Elena takes the cure, she’s out of his life. He’s tired of living in the same cycle of mistakes. Don’t believe him? Me either.

As for Elena, watching her is like watching those “out of control teens” on a daytime talk show. She tells Damon and Stefan that if they keep hounding her about the cure she doesn’t want, there will be consequences. She snaps the waitress’ neck to prove her point.

Next week everyone’s heading to prom and Damon and Stefan think they can trick Elena into wanting the cure. Sure guys, that’s bound to work.

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