EXCLUSIVE Clip: 'Stitches' Has That Being Stalked By A Clown On A Tricycle Nightmare You Forgot

Ever been worried about a wisecracking homicidal clown chasing you in the dark? No? Well, writer-director Conor McMahon has you covered with "Stitches," his tongue-in-cheek horror movie out next week on VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray from Dark Sky films. And in this clip, you can see the titular vengeful clown (played by British comedian Ross Noble) chasing after some of his teenaged prey.

A note to all would-be supernatural killers on tricycles: know your terrain.

And for your continued enjoyment:


From the official synopsis:

Years after a cruel kids' prank during a birthday party for 8-year-old Tommy (Tommy Knight, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures) left hired clown Richard "Stitches" Grindle (Ross Noble) dead on the kitchen floor, the childhood friends gather to plan a birthday bash to end all bashes. But they haven't counted on the degenerate jester rising from the grave to seek vengeance on the children who mocked him and caused his grisly, untimely end.

Now Tommy and his teenage friends are on the run from an undead jokester who's ready to use every trick in the book (and many that aren't) to exact his revenge. Dead Meat writer-director Conor McMahon delivers a delirious slasher epic, a hilariously twisted and blood-soaked tale of one very bad clown with a talent for making balloon animals - but with one very hideous difference.

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