'Arrow' Recap: Roy Crash-Lands Into Everyone's Heart In 'Salvation'


By Kendra Beltran

Someone stuck up for The Glades in the worst way possible, Moira continued to play innocent about the whole Malcolm situation, a secret symbol was sort of unlocked and on the island Slade and Oliver faced off with Fyers in the latest "Arrow". All that was dandy and you can read about every little detail that happened in “Salvation” on MTV Splashpage, but right now I have to let you know why Diggle shouldn’t be worried about Oliver’s mental state, Laurel’s possibly the worst daughter ever and how Roy just crash landed into everyone’s heart.

Diggle was of course worried about Oliver this week, when isn’t he? This time the focus was on Oliver being a bit too distant. When Diggle told Oliver that he was “still on the island,” you and I both thought, that was deep Diggle that was deep. But here’s the thing, Oliver took huge strides by telling Felicity she could talk to him any time about her day (question to the writers, are they or aren’t they going to be a couple, because I’d like to say that I’m shipping them from now on), and by asking Laurel “Wanna have a dinner?” Besides the broken English, he showed Diggle and himself he was ready to take a mental step away from the island.


Oh Laurel, I was with you all the way and then you went and got two strikes in one hour. First, she goes and tells her dad that she really didn’t want him to get on board with her mom about finding Sarah. Why didn’t she just tell her dad that in the first place instead of letting everyone get carried away with false hope? Strike two came after her mom that breakdown and blamed herself for Sarah’s death, and Laurel let her go back to Central City. Really Laurel? Any daughter would’ve invited their moms to stay a bit longer, not just tell them to call more. Expect strike three sometime in the near future.

Quick note about Roy, when he was up against death and said no one would miss him if he died; he instantly made himself a hotter commodity on the show. That bad boy has got a hold on me, and since he’s got a hold on a piece of Oliver’s arrow, I can’t wait to see how they come to be partners. Plus, will Thea then be let in on the big secret of her brother’s life? No way. No girls allowed, except Felicity. See Laurel and McKenna for reference.


Next week in "Unfinished Business” a new addiction is taking over Sterling City and of course it’s up to Oli…I mean Arrow to stop it. What should to happen next week: Oliver and Tommy hangs because they talked once since Tommy found out, Thea calms down about Roy’s lifestyle. Laurel apologizes to her mom and Felicity remains a constant one-liner machine.

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