IDW's Next Attempt To Take All Of My Money: 'G.I. JOE: The Complete Collection Vol. 1'


With "G.I. JOE: Retaliation" out this week, IDW announces their first premium hardcover collection of the 80's Larry Hama/Herb Trimpe comics.

More than the often silly animated series, the definitive run most people point to when talking about "G.I. JOE" is Larry Hama's. The writer effectively created the sci-fi/espionage universe for the series, giving it the gravitas of a "Mack Bolan" novel while still drawing on 70's and 80's Bond high-tech shenanigans. And now that Marvel Comics run, with longtime artist Herb Trimpe, is getting collected by IDW.

Alternately known as "the best 'G.I. JOE' run, it's IDW's latest effort to repackage classic comics in pricey, oversized, feature-packed hardcovers. Unlike some of their slimmer earlier collections though, this slipcover-encased chunk of book will include 16 issues of old-school "JOE" stories in the usual tiered print runs. The collection will include the full run of "Real American Hero," "Special Missions," and the "Yearbook" issue.

The Red Label edition will cost $125, is limited to 250 copies, and will be signed by both Hama and Trimpe and a canvas cover if you purchase it through IDW (I wasn't aware there were enough copies to sell it through anyone else). The Black Label edition is limited to 50 copies (according to the press release--the IDW site says only 25 are available), priced at $350 with a hand-drawn, color illustration from Trimpe, and a custom tray case.

You can check out IDW's full collection of "G.I. JOE" hardcovers here.

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