'Suicide Club' Director Sion Sono Adapting Manga 'Tokyo Tribe2'


According to Asian Media Wiki, the director of the violent/introspective/mysterious "Suicide Club," "Noriko's Dinner Table," and "Love Exposure" is tackling Santa Inoue's manga about warring gangs in the streets of Tokyo.

Surrogate families, brutal bursts of emotional, physical, and sexual violence, and the disintegration of society: sounds like Sono. The brutal "Tokyo Tribe2" (simply called "Tokyo Tribe" for the screen) appears to touch on some of the same themes and ideas the director has been commenting upon with his last few films. Sono's "Suicide Club," if you'll recall, involved a sudden rash of mass suicides connected to a children's pop group and the increased disconnection among families in Urban Japan. "Noriko's Dinner Table" was nominally the follow-up to that film, a pseudo sequel involving a cult setting up false families for the lonely and grieving.

"Tokyo Tribe" follows the endless cycle of violence between rival gangs after one of the Tribes, the Musashino Saru, wanders into Wu-Ronz territory leading to the deaths of three of the Saru. The series appears to be influenced by some broad concept of hip hop culture more than anything else, a piece of style and flash that was serialized in the fashion magazine "Boon" before being adapted into an anime in 2007.

Sono will begin filming "Tokyo Tribe" this summer.

[Source: Asian Media Wiki]

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