On 'The Walking Dead,' The Governor Welcomes You To The Tombs With A Bazooka


By Jorge Solis

Just a few days away, viewers are waiting for the highly anticipated season finale of "The Walking Dead." In case you're already anxious, check out these sneak peek clips of Sunday's "Welcome To The Tombs" from MTV Splash Page. Because Michonne wasn't handed over to him, let's speculate what The Governor will do to retaliate against Rick and the others.

1. Destroy The Prison

If you check out one of the clips, the Governor (David Morrissey) storms into the prison with an army by his side. As the Governor and the rest of his troops are heading towards the front gates, Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) suddenly pulls out a bazooka. With just one shot, Martinez takes down the prison watchtower. This is the same watchtower that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was standing on when he failed to spot Andrea calling out for help. Anyone unlucky enough to still be inside the prison will feel the Governor's wrath.

The Governor promises, "We're going to end this, once and for all!" With the heavy artillery he's carrying, we know the Governor means it.

2. Find The Traitor

Someone in Woodbury betrayed the Governor and burnt down the walkers in the pit. Could it have been Milton (Dallas Roberts) as the Governor suspects? Whoever this traitor is, they bought Rick and the others enough time to prepare for the Governor's assault on the prison. If he plans on winning this war, the Governor has to get rid of the traitor as soon as he can. With a reputation to protect, the Governor can't have someone sabotaging his plans.

3. Something Bad Is Going To Happen To Andrea

When viewers last saw Andrea (Laurie Holden) in "Prey," she was trapped inside the Governor's torture chamber. Now that he doesn't have Michonne, what is the Governor going to do with Andrea? The Governor has to take out all his anger and frustration on someone. He's going to make an example out of Andrea.

At the end of "This Sorrowful Life," The Governor shot Merle (Michael Rooker) but didn't kill him off. The Governor wanted Merle to become what he hated the most, a flesh-eating walker. Is the Governor going to turn Andrea into a walker, just to mess with Rick's head?

What if Rick and the others choose not to fight against the Governor? Just because they don't want to fight, that doesn't mean the Governor will ever stop hunting them down. Viewers will have to wait and see what happens in the season finale of "The Walking Dead."