'Romeo and Juliet' Meets Zombies Comedy 'Warm Bodies' Dated For June On DVD And Blu-ray

Jonathan Levine's ("50/50," "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane") horror-comedy "Warm Bodies" is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on June 4th. Hit the jump to find out what's on Summit's planned DVD/Blu release.

"Warm Bodies" was an unexpected hit for Summit earlier this year, a modestly-budgeted romantic comedy adding to the seemingly endless pile of zombie pics released over the years. It's not so much that this particular niche in the horror genre is (living) dead, it's just that most filmmakers have run out of unique takes beyond doomed social critiques. Levine's film upended the formula by ultimately being about hope, love, and evolution after the apocalypse.

So we get a cute little movie with a nice cast (Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, and John Malkovich) that won people over by doing something different.

Below is the planned list of features for the DVD/Blu-ray release:

  • “Boy Meets, ER, Doesn’t Eat Girl” featurette
  • “R&J” featurette
  • “A Little Less Dead” featurette
  • “Extreme Zombie Make-Over!” featurette
  • “A Wreck in Progress” featurette
  • “Bustin Caps” featurette
  • “Beware of The Boneys” featurette
  • “Whimsical Sweetness: Teresa Palmer’s Warm Bodies Home Movies” featurette
  • “Zombie Acting Tips with Rob Corddry” featurette
  • Audio Commentary with Director Jonathon Levine and Actors Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer
  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary with Screenwriter/Director Jonathan Levine

“Shrug and Groan” Gag Reel

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