'The Walking Dead': 'This Sorrowful Life'

walking-dead-sorrowful-lifeBy Jorge Solis

The final hour is upon Rick to make the final decision that will affect everyone at the prison. In case you missed the "Walking Dead" repeat of "This Sorrowful Life," check out this recap from MTV Splash Page. The Governor promises to let everyone live if Rick hands over Michonne. But, will Rick betray one of his own for the greater good?

Spoilers Ahead!

Knowing Rick (Andrew Lincoln) couldn't do his own dirty work, Merle (Michael Rooker) kidnaps Michonne (Danai Gurira) and takes her to the Governor's meeting spot. Michonne has no problem dying in the hands of the Governor because she knows lives are at stake. Reminding him about second chances, Michonne wonders if anyone will mourn for Merle after he's gone. Maybe, Merle brought Michonne along because he didn't want to die alone. Maybe, Merle knew all along he was the sacrifice during this suicide mission. Merle headed straight towards his death after he let Michonne go. Even though she was just betrayed by Rick, Michonne chose to go back to the prison.


While Daryl (Norman Reedus) is searching for his brother, another major decision is taking place back at the prison. After asking for her father's blessing, Glenn (Steven Yeun) decided to propose to Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Instead of getting down on one knee, Glenn plopped the stolen engagement ring onto Maggie's hand. Surrounded by walkers, Glenn proposed to Maggie in the middle of the prison yard. This was the only glimmer of hope in the episode as events took a turn for the worst.

Bringing along an army of walkers for the ride, Merle launched his own full-scale ambush on the Governor (David Morrissey) and his crew. A major causality arises when Ben (Tyler Chase), the kid from Tyreese's group, is shot and killed by Merle, who was aiming for the Governor. During his one-on-one fight with the Governor, Merle lost the use of both hands. With his bare teeth, the Governor ripped out Merle's fingers and spat them out.

Time has separated the Dixon brothers since the zombie outbreak started. These two brothers lost plenty of time together as they searched endlessly for one another. Daryl followed Rick to the prison, while Merle ended up in Woodbury. This is time they will never get back as the Governor shot Merle and left him to become a walker. Daryl arrived too late and found Merle munching on Ben's intestines. Bursting into tears, Daryl never imagined he'd have to kill his own brother. To catch up for lost time, Daryl wanted to start a new life with his older brother. In a scene worth watching and re-watching, Daryl hit the floor and howled in pain after repeatedly stabbing Merle to death.


After realizing he made the wrong call, Rick knew he was becoming too much like the Governor and ended his dictatorship. Because his people are the greater good, Rick will not make put anyone's life at stake and make decisions for them. After such a major loss, will Rick and the rest of the group stand together to fight against the Governor in the season finale of "The Walking Dead?"

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