George O'Connor Is Out To Sea With 'Poseidon: Earth Shaker'

Watch: George O'Connor On 'Poseidon: Earth Shaker'

Throughout four volumes of his "Olympians" series, George O'Connor has told the graphic tales of "Hades," "Hera," "Zeus, " and others. Now in Volume 5, the cartoonist enters the underwater world of the sea-god in "Poseidon: Earth Shaker."

George O'Connor dropped by the MTV Geek HQ to discuss his "Olympians" series, why he chose Poseidon, and more in our special video interview.

According to First Second Books, "Poseidon: Earth Shaker" is about:

In the fifth installment of the Olympians series of graphic novels, author/artist George O'Connor turns the spotlight on that most mysterious and misunderstood of the Greek gods, Poseidon: Earth Shaker. Thrill to such famous myths as Theseus and the Minotaur, Odysseus and Polyphemos, and the founding of Athens—and learn how the tempestuous Poseidon became the King of the Seas.

O'Connor also shared how he upset the god of the sea causing years of water-based trouble, and how he broke from the curse of Poseidon.

Watch: George O'Connor's Problem's With Poseidon

O'Connor also explained the techniques he uses to draw his "Olympians" series, especially when it comes to his unorthodox scriptings and inking techniques.

Watch: George O'Connor On Drawing 'Poseidon

"Poseidon: Earth Shaker" is now available from First Second Books.