Horror Icon Karen Black Suffering From Cancer, Needs Help


She was menaced by a voodoo doll in "Trilogy of Terror," led the murderous Firefly clan in Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses," and helped young Hunter Carson fight back against the E.T.'s in "Invaders From Mars." Now Karen Black--whose had many memorable, excellent roles outside of horror--is very ill and she's looking for help.

I wouldn't have known Ms. Black was sick if it wasn't for writer Steve Niles who tweeted a message to her "House of 1000 Corpses" director Rob Zombie for help with the Go Fund Me campaign to help her out with medical expenses. According to the campaign for Ms. Black, written on her behalf by husband Stephen Eckelberry, the actress has been battling cancer off and on for two years now, the most recent round of illness and treatment leaving her bedridden and weighing all of 96 pounds after the removal of her pancreas.

Eckelberry says that in recent years, Ms. Black has been doing less and less work, leaving the couple a dwindling nest egg with which to deal with the mounting medical expenses associated with her treatment. The funds for the $17,000 campaign would go to getting Karen into a clinical trial for two months of experimental treatment in Europe.

BUT THERE IS HOPE. Karen’s family physician of many years called us two weeks ago and told us of success she has had with several of her patients doing a treatment in Europe as part of a clinical study there. I cannot go into more details now, but I promise I will in the future as we get involved. I will say that this is a medically supervised program and it targets Karen’s kind of cancer. In fact, we personally know two of the patients that have had remarkable recoveries from cancer there. So we know it works, and right now it is her best and only shot.

Hollywood friends like Juliette Lewis and Alan Cumming are calling on fans to lend their support here and help Karen get the treatment she needs.

Some caveats here: Eckleberry hasn't elaborated on the treatment (hospital, etc.), details that might be useful if you decide to help Ms. Black out.