The Daily Geek: 'The Wolverine' Poster, 'Iron Man 3' TV Spot, 'Star Wars' Meets 'Psycho,' And More

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- WOLVERSCREAM! Jean Val Jean is upset.


- BIG OL' STACK O' ZOMBIES! "World War Z" has a new poster.


- BEST LOOK YET! Okay, I'm officially excited for "Iron Man 3."

- WATCH STAR TREK FOR FREE! In honor of William Shatner's birthday on March 22, Hulu have made every episode of "Star Trek" free until March 31!

- FREE FREE FREE! Lots of comics are free on ComiXology.

- BORN TO PLAY HERCULES! The Rock talks the upcoming Brett Ratner flick.

- YUP! Riddick is back.

- SO DOES THIS MEAN VADER IS DRESSED LIKE PADME? Love this mash-up by Fernando Degrossi.


- RIDDLE ME THIS! Mimoco releases The Riddler!


- QUANTUM AND WOODY ARE BACK! Valiant teases the team's return with "The World's Worst Teaser."


Taking a few days off! See you in a bit, gang!