The Weekend Geek: 'Game of Thrones' Mania, 'Nova,' Coheed And Cambria, And More

Welcome to MTV Geek's "Weekend Geek"! Our weekly round-up of all things GEEK from the weird, wild world of MTV GEEK! These are the most viewed, most exciting, most intriguing, and most mosting links from the week at Geek!

- DUN-DU-DU-DU-DUN The cast of "Game of Thrones" sings the show's theme song, and it's pretty darn charming.

Watch: Game Of Thrones: The Musical

- BE A NOVA! Jeph Loeb, Steve Wacker, and others talk "Nova" for Marvel NOW!

Watch: Marvel NOW - Nova

- OUTCRY! George R.R. Martin talks season 3.

Watch: George R.R. Martin On The RW

- ARE YOU MY MOMMY? Jon Snow's parents revealed?

Watch: Kit Harington On Jon Snow Breaking Free

- KINDA-SORTA CONFIRMED? We put Peter Dinklage on the spot about his playing Bolivar Trask in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Watch: Peter Dinklage X-Men Role

- COHEED AND COMICS! Claudio Sanchez talks connecting his band Coheed and Cambria to his comic series, "The Amory Wars."

Watch: Coheed and Cambria's Comics And Music Connection

- OH NO-NY HE DIDN'T! Don't create/share dirty Twilight Sparkle art, you might upset her fiance.

- THE FLIGHT OF THE GREEN LANTERNS! Big changes came to DC's "Green Lanterns" books.

- REDFORD IS FURY? Is the legendary actor playing the original one-eyed badass in "Captain America: Winter Soldier"?

- ANGELA HOOKS UP WITH ULTRON? The "Spawn" character makes the jump to Marvel.

- UH OH! Is DC going to kill John Stewart?

- I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE! See Alice Eve's underpants in the latest "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer, and find a bunch of posters.

- BAD VIBES! Is Vibe getting the ax?

- BY THE POWER VESTED IN ME AS SUPREME MUTANT RULER! Ian McKellan is going to officiate the wedding of Patrick Stewart.

- EXCLUSIVE! Get your first look at "The Flash" #18.

- BY THE POWER OF SHE-RA! Here's a cool variant cover for "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" #1.


'Til next week, gang!