Will Robert Redford Play Nick Fury In 'Captain America: Winter Soldier'?


No, I don't mean that Nick Fury...I'm referring to the guy pictured above.

The scoop from Deadline, via MTV Splashpage, is that movie legend Redford "is in talks to play a senior leadership role in S.H.I.E.L.D." in the movie. Given the actor's distinguished-yet-rugged look, this immediately brings to mind the original Nick Fury from the comics. And yet logic dictates that this cannot possibly be, because Samuel L. Jackson is firmly and unquestionably Fury as established by the Marvel movies.

However, as Splashpage suggests, perhaps Redford's character could be have a "Classic Fury" treatment the way Tommy Lee Jones had in the first Captain America film -- being very obviously some sort of Fury analogue, but never having that name.

It has also been suggested that Redford might be playing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Dum Dum Dugan -- but do you really think Marvel Studios would pay the Big Bank for the actor to play a character named "Dum Dum?"

Lastly, it could be that Redford could really be playing Fury...Marvel Comics have kinda-sorta tried to place the movie/Jackson Nick Fury in their comic book universe so in theory both versions can co-exist.

Is this the case here? Or is Redford playing a totally different character altogether?

Lastly, while the original Fury in the comics has been around for many decades, it is a tribute both to the popularity of the current crop of Marvel movies, and the popularity of Samuel L. Jackson, that when I type in "Nick Fury" in Google image search, it is almost completely filled with pics of the latter.

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