'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Because the Night'

Because the Night

By Kendra Beltran

So remember when we were all hoping Caroline was going to catch a break since Elena literally dropped her last week and she lost her main man? Well, the only thing she caught this week  on "Vampire Diaries" was a guilty conscience, but it was her fault. So she must get no pity. We also learn that the Damon of the 70’s is basically the Elena of today, and Silas just might get what he wants.

For those dying to know what Damon was like in 1977, he was still as smoldering as he is today, but a bit more merciless. After he and Lexi bond over feeding on the same club patron, the bar closes and they get busy everywhere from the stage to the rooftop. He then leaves her there in the sun, so it was all a game and he did it for payback. All that of course is relevant to the present day as he and Elena dine on a random, and head to the roof. When Elena tries to cop a feel from Damon’s pocket and steal some major information about Katherine’s whereabouts, the lovin’ party ends. Okay, Damon, you didn’t have to let that little snafu break that potential party up!

Of course Stefan’s sitting back in Mystic Falls questioning Damon’s New York getaway, but he’s too focused on stopping Silas’ massacre to constantly check in on his brother. With Caroline and Klaus, the three-figure that Silas is using Bonnie to complete some massacre mission. Oh yeah, Silas is back in Professor Shane’s body and he guilt-tripped Bonnie into helping him. So it’s Bonnie’s job to get a witch coven out in the woods. She does and this is where we all shake our heads at Caroline. Dear Caroline, just last week I wanted to jump in the TV and comfort you. Now I’m just mad at you.

See Stefan gets to the witch circle and tries to explain that Bonnie’s just under Silas’ power. One would think that the whole “Bonnie sacrifice” would end. Turns out that witches aren’t that easy to persuade. When the head witch goes to kill Bonnie, Caroline kills her, thus killing the other 11 witches. You know what Caroline did? She helped Silas complete his massacre wish, that’s what she did. Now all Silas needs is the cure to complete his plans. Was your BFF worth it Caroline? Was she? If you think I’m being hard on her, Klaus was worse! He laid that guilt on hard since Caroline thinks she’s so good and Klaus is evil.

Because the Night

When Elena and Rebekah team up and steal Damon’s car to find Katherine, my nerves were doing okay. But next week, Elena finds Katherine, but does she find the cure? Seeing as we’re a ways out from the finale, I'm going to say no. While I want to be worried about that part of this tale, I can’t help but wait patiently on Klaus. We end with Silas stabbing him in the back with a stake after he refuses to help him find the cure. Do you think he’ll help Silas out now that he knows what he’s capable of? Knowing Klaus, he’s going to play him to get what he wants.

We’ll get to see Elena take on Katherine and possibly the cure next week in “American Gothic” on March 28th at 8pm on The CW.