Peter Jackson Will Direct 'Doctor Who' For A Dalek


Non-news alert! EW sat down with Peter Jackson to discuss the possibility of the Hobbit king directing an episode of "Doctor Who," and he said he'd love to do it...for a price.

Peter Jackson was paid $20 million upfront to direct 2005's "King Kong," so how much would he cost? When EW asked executive producer Steven Moffat if "Who's" budget could handle having a guy of Jackson's stature on board he said, "We’re theoretically on board for anything...provided we’ve got a great story.”

But payment might not be an option for Jackson he told EW:

“They don’t even have to pay me,” Jackson writes. “But I have got my eye on one of those nice new gold-colored Daleks. They must have a spare one (hint, hint).”

Jackson already owns two Daleks that were used in the series, but the man really wants a gold one, I guess.

A few months back we chatted with Dominic Monaghan and asked him if he thought it was a good idea for his "LoTR" director to take a spin in the TARDIS. Check out what he had to say:

Watch: Dominic Monaghan on Peter Jackson Directing 'Doctor Who'

So whether Jackson will actually do the thing is completely uncertain. He's a busy guy with all the Hobbiting anfd Tintining. I don't see how he could fit "Doctor Who" into his schedule, but you never know.

[Source: EW]