'Falling Skies' Season Three Dated For June


The third season of the TNT's "Falling Skies" will debut with a two-hour premiere, some possible developments and that whole "second alien faction" thing.

What have Tom Mason and the Second Mass been up to since they discovered another alien faction was out there with a hate on for the fish heads? And are they coming to help or simply out to add to the alien invader pile on? We should be getting some answers to those questions when "Falling Skies" returns to TNT on June 9 with a two-hour season premier at 9 PM, before returning to its regular Sunday at 10 PM slot in the network's lineup.

If you followed the second season, Mason (Noah Wyle) and the dwindling number of survivors of the Second Mass made their way to a hidden outpost in Charlotte, NC, where they were joined up with the first sign of a centralized resistance/government on the East Coast. "Lincoln" actress Gloria Reuben will have a guest stint on the season, playing an adviser to Tom along with "House" actor Robert Sean Leonard who will be playing a character excitingly called "The Rat King" (because he hangs out with rats in the sewers).

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