Would You Buy An Entire 'The Walking Dead' LEGO Set?

LegoDaryl1 copy

By Jorge Solis

In my mind, do you know what's great about a LEGO Daryl Dixon? You'd have a pocket-sized Norman Reedus to carry with you everywhere. Check out these pics of the Citizen Brick minifigure, based on Daryl Dixon, from MTV Splash Page. Now let's imagine if Citizen Brick made LEGO custom minifigures of Rick, Michonne, and the rest of "The Walking Dead."

1) The Zombie-Hunting Sheriff

Before the zombie apocalypse happened, Rick was just a regular sheriff's deputy. If Rick was made out of LEGOs, he would have a small badge as an accessory. If the "Zombie Hunting Enthusiast" has a crossbow, then you can give "The Zombie Hunting Sheriff" a gun to hold. Remember in the pilot, "Days Gone By," Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is riding on a horse across the highway. That's the outfit I would like to see the minifigure wearing. I would also want the Sheriff's hat as an accessory you can put on and off its head.

If you wanted to go with something from season three, give him two disposable sets of heads. One head looks like he's going crazy, while the other head is calm but twitchy. Toy collectors would have their very own twisted Jekyll and Hyde minifigure.

2) The One-Legged Vet

Imagine if Custom Brick made Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson), with his own one leg missing, into a minifigure? They would have to give Hershel, the veterinarian, his own stethoscope to listen to an animal's heartbeat. With "The One-Legged Vet," you would definitely need a companion, like a dog or cat. What if the animals were turned into biters? I would definitely love to see a veterinarian treating zombie animals.

3) The Zombie-Slaying Samurai

Remember in "Beside The Dying Fire," Andrea (Laurie Holden) is surrounded by walkers coming after her. All of sudden, Andrea is saved by Michonne (Danai Gurira) at the last minute. That's the look I would want for LEGO Michonne, as she is cloaked and covering her face with a hood. Instead of one katana, why not give her a sword for each hand? Kids would go nuts spinning her around, pretending to chop things off.

It would be interesting to see if Citizen Brick continued to make LEGO custom minifigures of the other cast members from "The Walking Dead." I'm sure there's at least one avid toy fan who would collect them all. I can only dream, but at least viewers have Sunday's all-new episode of "The Walking Dead."