J.J. Abrams Hides Secrets In Latest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailers

Have you guys heard that J.J. "I Direct Everything You Love" Abrams loves secrecy and mysteries and stuff? Well the human "Hellraiser" puzzle box and his pals at Bad Robot embedded super-secret urls throughout a number of international trailers for his very awesome looking "Star Trek Into Darkness" and eagle-eyed Trekkies and Trekkers found they unlock bunch of posters.

The same posters with different languages, but a bunch nonetheless.

In the U.K. trailer, here's the scene where the url is hidden. You totally saw the url, right? You probably zeroed right in on it, right? Right?


Well, in case you were ahem...distracted here's the hidden URL:


It's BIT.LY/WyJV4F. Which then unlocks...


Head over to Apple Trailers to see the rest of the international trailers and see if you can find more hidden URLs. If you don't feel like looking, go to TrekMovie and see all the posters.

Also, in the trailer, which is great by the way, we get out first glimpse of Peter "Not Khan Either" Weller as Admiral Marcus.


Cumberbatch is going to own this thing.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" is out May 17, 2013.