The Daily Geek: Everything Wrong With ‘Dark Knight,’ Godzilla Smash, And More

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THEY MISSED A BUNCH! Here’s everything that’s wrong with “The Dark Knight” in 4 minutes.

SO IS PACIFIC RIM A SEQUEL TO POLTERGEIST? And is the city a kaiju burial ground?

GIF OF THE DAY! Vader choking a dude.

DARRYL DIXON…NOT! This may look like Norman Reedus’ character from “The Walking Dead,” but it’s not. This is “Zombie Hunting Enthusiast,” okay?

WILL THIS ONE BE GOOD? The plot of “Transformers 4” is revealed?

SIMPSON V. BURNS So Bart took on Mr. Burns in court. Like, for real.

COOL ART ALERT! Nick Spencer shared what could have been on his “Supergirl.”

WHY ISN’T JOE DANTE DOING THIS? The “Goosebumps” movie has a director.

GODZILLA BROKE SOME STUFF! Here’s a vid from the set of the new flick.

’Til tomorrow, gang!