The Daily Geek: Everything Wrong With 'Dark Knight,' Godzilla Smash, And More

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- THEY MISSED A BUNCH! Here's everything that's wrong with "The Dark Knight" in 4 minutes.

- SO IS PACIFIC RIM A SEQUEL TO POLTERGEIST? And is the city a kaiju burial ground?

- GIF OF THE DAY! Vader choking a dude.


- DARRYL DIXON...NOT! This may look like Norman Reedus' character from "The Walking Dead," but it's not. This is "Zombie Hunting Enthusiast," okay?


- WILL THIS ONE BE GOOD? The plot of "Transformers 4" is revealed?

- SIMPSON V. BURNS So Bart took on Mr. Burns in court. Like, for real.

- COOL ART ALERT! Nick Spencer shared what could have been on his "Supergirl."


- WHY ISN'T JOE DANTE DOING THIS? The "Goosebumps" movie has a director.

- GODZILLA BROKE SOME STUFF! Here's a vid from the set of the new flick.

'Til tomorrow, gang!