The Vampire Diaries 'Because of the Night' Preview

By Kendra Beltran

It’s obvious there are the vampires who want to get things done, and there are the ones who want to just enjoy life.

While both Stefan and Damon were on board to help with Elena’s transformation into a vampire, it was pretty clear in last week’s “Bring It On” episode of "Vampire Diaries" that Damon likes the new Elena. In the midst of looking for this cure, Damon and Elena take off to New York City. Meanwhile Stefan’s left at home with all the responsibility. That’s where we find ourselves this week.


All we know so far is that Klaus shows up to find Caroline picking up after Elena’s party (again, poor girl). They have it out and come to find out about Tyler and come to find out that Stefan’s the one that wanted him there the first place. Okay, thanks Stefan: Caroline really appreciates that.

Off in NYC, Elena and Damon are living it up and with sexy times on rooftops and no inhibitions when it comes to picking up a bite. Damon puts it best when he says of New York, "So much life, so little death goes unnoticed." Oh yeah, Rebekah’s there being a third wheel to this love getaway.

Because the Night

Will Klaus be a helpful hand to Stefan or a burden, and will Damon actually focus on the real reason he went to NYC or just continue to have a good time with Elena? I say helpful hand and good times. We’ll have to see if I’m right when “Because of the Night” airs March 21st on The CW at 8pm.

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