'Community' Possibly To End May 9th


This is really just troubling rumor based on a throwaway line in this Pajiba article at this point -- but it is possible that "Community" will end May 9th.

From Pajiba:

"NBC has announced some finale dates. Specifically, “Parks and Recreation” will end this season on May 2nd, while “Community” will end its season (and possibly the series) on the following week, May 9th."

Does the website know something the larger world does not? Am I reading too much into this? Would NBC actually cancel "Community" at this point, after losing "30 Rock" and "The Office" and watching "Up All Night" go down the drain? Isn't "Community" one of the most recognizable TV shows NBC has right now?

On the other hand, if NBC really did want to give "Community" a fifth season, now would be the right time to #$^@ or get off the pot (if you know what I mean). The actors need to know that the network has a commitment to the show as soon as possible -- because if not, they have to line up other gigs!

Actors like Joel McHale and Donald Glover already are attached to pilots and/or production deals. Chevy has jumped ship. And even Ken Jeong is signed to another TV show. NBC has to either extend the season episode order now -- or admit that the show is finally taking that long dirt nap.

What will it be, NBC?

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