The Daily Geek: 'Iron Man 3' Gets 'Shopped For IMAX, Google Gifs, And More

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- YIKES! Somebody learned Photoshop!


- THE PAPRAZZI ARE ANIMALS, MAN! Check out the full gatefold cover for "Animal Man" #19.


- COOL COVER ALERT! Sweet variant for "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" #1.


- COOL CONS ALERT! Venture Bros. by Springheeled Kicks.


- GIF OF THE DAY! Eat yourself!


- SPEAKING OF GIFS! You can now search for those little animated wonders on Google.

- RAIMI COMES TO TV! Sam will direct the pilot episode of the very Coen Brothers-sounding "Rake."

- A COLONY OF CANNIBALS! I think I'm excited about "The Colony" now.

- ICYMI! The "Game of Thrones" cast sings the "Game of Thrones" theme song on the "Game of Thrones" red carpet. Of Thrones.

Watch: Game Of Thrones: The Musical

'Til tomorrow, gang!