The Daily Geek: ‘Iron Man 3’ Gets ‘Shopped For IMAX, Google Gifs, And More

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YIKES! Somebody learned Photoshop!

THE PAPRAZZI ARE ANIMALS, MAN! Check out the full gatefold cover for “Animal Man” #19.

COOL COVER ALERT! Sweet variant for “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” #1.

COOL CONS ALERT! Venture Bros. by Springheeled Kicks.

GIF OF THE DAY! Eat yourself!

SPEAKING OF GIFS! You can now search for those little animated wonders on Google.

RAIMI COMES TO TV! Sam will direct the pilot episode of the very Coen Brothers-sounding “Rake.”

A COLONY OF CANNIBALS! I think I’m excited about “The Colony” now.

ICYMI! The “Game of Thrones” cast sings the “Game of Thrones” theme song on the “Game of Thrones” red carpet. Of Thrones.

Watch: Game Of Thrones: The Musical

’Til tomorrow, gang!

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